Unnatural Link Warning?

Did you receive an unnatural link warning from Google? Receiving an unnatural link warning from Google can be painful! On average it can take 100-200 man hours of pain staking link removal requests in order to properly clean up a link profile! Do you have that amount of time to clean up your link profile? If so, read on. If not check out our recommended link removal service to help you clean up your profile for you for pennies on the dollar.

Step #1

Removing an unnatural link penalty from Google starts with a full link analysis to determine precisely which links should be removed.

Algorithm Penalty?

Were you hit by one of the most recent algorithm updates such as Penguin? Then be prepared for a long uphill battle. Algorithm penalties are different from a manual penalty as you will need to start removing over-optimized anchor text links and low quality links. On average you can expect 2-3x as much work as those that received a manual penalty. Due to the nature of Google’s scale algorithm updates do not have the option to file a reconsideration request. Which means you must proactively remove as many toxic and over-optimized links as possible. Read more on how to recover from an algorithm penalty here.

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  • Choosing a Link Removal Company Tips

Backlink Analysis

toolsYour potential link removal service provider should offer an in-depth backlink audit before any link removals begin. Backlink audit’s should have backlink reports from all major backlink sources such as Ahrefs, MajesticSEO & Moz

Manual Link Removal Outreach

composeDoes your link removal company offer automated or manual link removal outreach? Many link removal providers attempt to automate the process and in doing so make critical errors that will reduce the effectiveness of your link removal campaign. Be sure that your provider will be manually performing outreach.

Final Reports & Removal Tracking

uploadUnscrupulous link removal service providers attempt to take advantage of clients by pretending to “remove” links and then provide a disavow file only. Don’t be scammed! Make sure your link removal company provides a final report outlining the work completed and the results of that work.

My e-commerce business suffered a significant loss of rankings after a recent Google algorithm update. Our traffic was cut by nearly 30% and sales were down across the board. It wasn’t until we utilized a link removal campaign that we were able to finally remove our penalty. We were able to clean up our toxic backlinks and recover our rankings all thanks to a full fledged link removal cleanup campaign. Now our Google rankings are back and sales are better than before!

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