Choosing a Link Removal Company Tips

Backlink Analysis

toolsYour potential link removal service provider should offer an in-depth backlink audit before any link removals begin. Backlink audit’s should have backlink reports from all major backlink sources such as Ahrefs, MajesticSEO & Moz

Manual Link Removal Outreach

composeDoes your link removal company offer automated or manual link removal outreach? Many link removal providers attempt to automate the process and in doing so make critical errors that will reduce the effectiveness of your link removal campaign. Be sure that your provider will be manually performing outreach.

Final Reports & Removal Tracking

uploadUnscrupulous link removal service providers attempt to take advantage of clients by pretending to “remove” links and then provide a disavow file only. Don’t be scammed! Make sure your link removal company provides a final report outlining the work completed and the results of that work.