Review is one of the newer backlink removal services on the market, it seems like new services are being started daily by those attempting to cash in on this new lucrative market. We always recommend using a preferred service provider that’s had experience with link removals and been in business more than just a few weeks. According to domain registrar information it seems that was registered on December 17, 2013. Reviews

With all of the services that we review we like to do a search on the popular forums and SEO blogs to determine if any clients have reviewed the service. From searches on all of the major forums we haven’t found evidence of any reviews of this service.

Pricing does get an award for having the largest pricing table of any of the companies that we’ve reviewed so far! Let’s cut through the fluff and get down to the services packages.

Gold Package – $547
2,000 link removals
Only 1 domain
Final report

In comparison to many of the backlink removal services on the market’s prices are on the higher side. It may be that they are reselling another link removal services packages or they are trying to position themselves differently in the market.

No Backlinks

As of now does not have any backlinks pointed towards the domain according to the major backlink checkers. We would consider this a red flag.

Automated outreach?

There’s a strong possibility that they may be using automated tools for outreach. When choosing a link removal service provider always choose on that uses real live humans to perform the outreach. There’s no exception. Automating link removals jeopardizes the quality of the work, and in turn can jeopardize the results of your link removal efforts. We’ve seen blog post after blog post of upset bloggers receiving link removal notices from automated services that haven’t taken the time to read the removal procedures for their website. You don’t want your link removal campaign to turn into negative publicity, so be sure that any company you are using isn’t automating the outreach portion of the service.


Unfortunately at this time we cannot recommend Based on the fact that their service has only been around for a couple of weeks, they don’t have any reviews on the internet and not even a single backlink are all red flags.

Choosing the right link removal service provider is essential to a successful link removal campaign and eventually a recovery in Google rankings. We recommend choosing a link removal service that has been around since the beginning.