logoAnother day and another SEO service offering link removal services. New on the block is’s link removal service offering. So new in fact that Google doesn’t even have an indexed page on’s website as of 1/6/2014!

Why to be careful of’s Link Removal Service

If you received a manual Google penalty and/or suffered a loss in rankings from a recent algorithm update it’s important that you hire the right company to help you clean up your backlinks. Choosing a company that doesn’t know what they are doing will end up costing you time and money and could even jeopardize your recovery process altogether.


According to’s website they have removed over 8,500,000+ backlinks so far. This claim is fraudulent and an outright lie. For a service provider that has only just started in the link removal space a claim of that much ludicrous. Take a look at the top service providers in the industry that have been in business for years and their total removed links isn’t even 8.5 million together! Below is an image from their website as of 1/6/2014 claiming the 8.5 million links removed. Notice the type in the 8.5 million as well? Scary! My guess is they haven’t even analyzed 8.5 million links since their service started.


Based on the fact that they just got started I would also claim that their 250+ campaigns experience is also incorrect. Given the fact th

at most service providers don’t open their doors and have 250+ clients in a matter of days I’d be willing to bet that they aren’t the exception to the rule.

Is Reselling’s Services?

We have seen this over and over again, new link removal service providers that pop up and seem to resell LinkDelete’s services. Take a look at this image, this is the “pricing table” from’s “Pricing” Table







Now take a look at the pricing table below from’s older designed website. Please note that the only differences between the two are the colors used, name of packages, and a renamed row in the table.’s Older Pricing Table


Whether or not is reselling LinkDelete’s services one thing is obvious, that they lack the creativity to offer a service of any significant value to their prospective clients.


Based on the fact that has falsified claims and has blatantly ripped off aspects of different service providers we cannot recommend them.

If you need a link removal service provider please check out our recommended service providers here.