Review is a backlink removal service that offers a fully managed link removal campaign. Using the Wayback machine it appears that they have only just recently started to offer their link removal services. Utilizing backlink checkers it also appears that they are a rather new link removal service as it appears that link have been started being built in early 2014. Buying Paid Links

In part of our vetting process with all backlink removal services we like to take a look at the websites backlink profile to see if there is any evidence of blackhat link building. It’s evident when analyzing’s backlinks that they are using paid links in an effort to cheat their way to top Google results.

Take a look for yourself at the following paid links purchased by


The list goes on and on, but it’s apparent that whatever blog network, link network, or service that was using for backlinks has already been caught and stripped of PageRank by Google. Chances are they’ve probably even received an unnatural link penalty as a result! When looking for a link removal service don’t go with a service that’s selling service to clean up links to only disregard their own advice and buy links.’s Process

One nice thing about’s service is that they’ll help you through the process from start to finish. From the link analysis section, to the outreach, and to the final reporting to Google.

According to their process page here is what they offer:

Combine links into one file
Download Webmastertool Links in a CSV file
Download links for external sources
Download Disavow file if one has already been submitted
Check each link to see if root domain is indexed, active or has malware.
Classify each link for type of link and anchor text
Blog Post
Web 2.0
Social Networking
Forum Profile
Press Release
Article Directory
Blog Comment
Directory listing
Follow/ No Follow
Gather contact information for each low quality link
Remove links that can be removed due to customer having login information
Contact site owners via email, social and site forms to request link removal and link editing
Create properly formatted disavow file
Create suggested reconsideration request
Repeat process if not successful with the comments from Webmaster Spam Team

While it seems that they are helping throughout the process there are some red-flags that I’d be cautious of. For example, their backlink analysis seems to be lacking any type of foundation or structure. Here’s what I mean: They pull backlinks from only Webmaster tools. In order to properly investigate a sites backlink profile they must include backlinks from the remaining backlink sources such as Ahrefs, MajesticSEO, and Moz at a bare minimum. These reports are expensive which is why many backlink removal services and audit’s don’t check all of the backlink sources for their clients. Since Backlinkremoval only offers link analysis through Webmastertools we’d recommend using another service until they correct this issue.

Moving onto the analysis that is done on backlinks. It doesn’t seem that much analysis is actually performed other than checking for malware, whether or not the link is active, if the link is indexed and the type of link and anchor text. A real extensive backlink audit should take a look at many other factors than those, which leaves us less than impressed with the service offering.

One thing that we do like about’s service is that they will work on removing links for clients that already have preexisting login information. Many link removal service providers will only request that links be removed and not spend the time logging in and removing links with pre-existing login information.

It seems that may be automating their link removal requests as they don’t mention the fact that the work is manually performed. Manual link removal efforts will always trump automated link removal request spam. In most circumstances link removal services that are automating the link removal efforts by scraping Whois information are doing a significant disservice to their clients as many of the messages sent will never be received by a real human being. In order for a link removal service to be effective link removal requests and processing should be done by a human being. There’s no substitute to a human analyzing the site and identifying the best methods for getting in contact with a Webmaster.

It also seems that they are not documenting the link removal process with any type of final report other than a disavow file. This leaves a lot to be trusted by the service provider. How are you sure that any work is being completed if the only type of reporting is a simple disavow text file with the domains that “wouldn’t” remove the links? For manual Google penalties a spreadsheet of link removal efforts is required in order to have the penalty removed. Submitting a disavow and a written reconsideration request isn’t enough, Google expects link removals and evidence of the process.


backlink-removal-pricing has one of the most expensive pricing structures of all of the fully managed link removal services.


In conclusion is not one of our approved link removal vendors. Without proper link analysis a link removal campaign will never be successful. This means that will need to offer link analysis for more than just Webmaster Tools and offer MajesticSEO, Ahrefs and Moz as backlink sources for their evaluations. I would also emphasize that additional measures must be implemented in the actual backlink evaluation process. Relying on metrics like whether or not a site has malware or indexed simply isn’t enough. Unfortunately many link removal providers don’t have the means to produce a proper algorithm to replicate the way that Google identifies unnatural backlinks.

For the cost that is charging they rival some of the most expensive link removal services and have a hard time competing with link removal companies that are half of their cost. At the end of the day you can find a much better service for a much lower price with competitors.