Review is a new link removal service to join the ranks of the ever growing service providers popping up. The domain was registered on 5/23/13, and based on historical site information their backlink removal service started around the end of 2013.

According to their website they have had three testimonials as soon as their service started. We are always questionable about a service that launches with positive testimonials, so buyer beware.

From our backlink analysis it appears that there aren’t any links pointed to the site other than those created by the service providers personal blog.

Further investigation indicates that does not have any reviews or discussion on the major internet marketing blogs, forums or Google’s Webmaster Forums.

Choosing the right link removal provider is critical to recovery, and based on the lack of evidence of any reviews or reviews on any major forum we would recommend going with one of our approved vendors. It’s important to go with a service provider who has the proper experience in analyzing, and identifying links that need to be removed.

Based on our analysis we cannot approve as a backlink removal service provider.