Review’s is a backlink removal service provider that offers managed backlink removal services, on-page optimization services, and disavow file creations.

History of domain name was registered on September 19, 2013 and based on the wayback machine it appears that the service was launched sometime in November, 2013. Thus it is one of the newer services on the market. Copied’s Website?
Having reviewed the wayback machine on all service providers I do find it shocking that’s website appears to have been a near carbon copy of when the website was originally launched. Take a look at these screenshots, on the left is’s website and on the right is


Notice that has directly copied the Features and How it Works portions of’s website. I’m assuming that LinkDelete must have caught and forced them to change their website’s content as it’s since been updated.

Having said that I would be very cautious of a service provider that’s willing to directly copy a competitors website and market it as their own. That’s a significant red flag and should be a major warning to anyone considering utilizing

If is willing to cut corners on their own website design and copywriting just imagine the quality of the service that they offer. Where else are they cutting corners?

Spam Backlinks
Diving into deletebacklink link profile shows the shady side of linkbuilding. Here is another link removal provider that is spamming the web using outdated linkbuilding techniques in order to achieve higher rankings. Do you want to use a link removal service provider who’s building backlinks that Google has penalized your website for? I wouldn’t!
Take a look at some of the spam backlinks built by deletebacklink:
Spam link #1
Spam link #2
Spam link #3

Hundreds of backlinks build like this in order to rank it’s website higher. Don’t get stuck using a service provider that tells you to clean up their links and then actively engages in building spam comment links.

Pricing’s pricing is one the most expensive of anyone in the backlink removal industry. Their “bronze package” starts at $190 which offers 1 domain and 400 URLs being worked on. The largest package on their website is offered at $750 for up to 5000 URLs being worked on.

Competitors like offer their starting package at $97 for the same exact package as’s bronze package at $190.

We aren’t 100% sure but based on the package sizes, and the direct copying of’s website we believe that is outsourcing the work to sticking you with the difference in cost!


In conclusion we cannot recommend Our conclusion is based on the fact that they’ve ripped off a competitors website word-for-word in the past. Their backlink profile shows a service provider that’s selling their clients a link removal service while spamming the internet with blog comment links. Their service is the highest priced in the industry and their packages closely resemble which is why we believe they are outsourcing their work to them.