Review is a link removal service provider that offers link removals from extremely low quality link directories. They shouldn’t be confused with a full link removal service that will help you remove any type of links but instead offer link removals from link directories that they a relationship with.

Benefits of

As mentioned above offers guaranteed link removal from directories that they own and/or have direct control over. They are able to guarantee that the links are removed due to this reason. We believe that should be used in just about every link removal campaign, however they should not be the only link removal service provider used in a removal campaign. Since after all they can only remove links from a very small subset of the link directories on the internet.

The Problem with

Our biggest complaint with is that they are supporting low-quality spammy link directories from being removed from the internet. If this service did not exist many of the deindexed directories would be removed from the internet altogether. Let’s face it how else would a deindexed link directory make money? They wouldn’t. They would let the domains expire and move on. Instead is supporting these websites and offering a “hands off” revenue stream for the directory owners. Using their service is like supporting backlink terrorists.


Their pricing model depends on the number of links in their network and will be removed. Prices start at $0.99/link and gets reduced to $0.15/link for 1,000+ links removed.

The link removal is guaranteed and thus their pricing is rather competitive with the industry standards.


At the end of the day every website owner that’s removing links should check out They offer guaranteed link removal from their small subset of directories that they own and/or have a relationship with. However the one downside is that cannot be the only link removal efforts in a link cleanup campaign. Relying solely on their service would be a waste of your time and money. Be sure to use before or after having used a full link removal service provider.