Disavowlinkstool.com Review

Disavowlinkstool.com is another brand new service looking to capitalize in the link removal & penalty recovery space. The domain itself was registered in March of 2014 and their website appears to have gone live in May ’14. Disavowlinkstool.com is NOT  a link removal service provider and only a link analysis service like LinkDetox.com. Therefore we do not recommend using Disavowlinkstool.com for removing penalties. Penalties, both algorithm and manual require link removals and link cleanups. Disavowing backlinks alone will never remove a penalty.


As mentioned above Disavowlinkstool.com is a link analysis and disavow tool similar to LinkDetox, however it is not a link removal service. In order to properly remove penalties links must be removed and not only disavowed. As Matt Cutts and Google have mentioned many times disavows should only be used with extreme caution and only after attempting to remove a link. Submitting links without any link removals jeopardizes the effectiveness of the disavow tool and more importantly any reconsideration request files submitted. Disavowlinkstool.com may be effective at link analysis, however it’s clear that they are misleading clients by informing them that disavowing is the same as deleting which are two entirely different things.


Disavowlinkstool.com’s pricing is extremely expensive for a service that analyses links and provides a disavow file. Pricing starts at $0.25/domain per thousand. While on the other hand look at Deletebacklinks.com’s pricing for 1,000 guaranteed directory link removals at a rate of $0.15/domain! Why would you pay more money for link analysis and a simple disavow file?

Another example is Linkdelete.com, which charges roughly $0.18 and handles link analysis, the link removal process, disavow files and everything in between. Why pay a higher rate for disavow files when you can have full fledged campaign for less?

Red Flags

It seems with all of the new link removal services & disavow services popping up these days there are more red flags and warning signs than positives. Take Disavowlinkstool.com’s claim that they have 2,194 clients, and have detected 295,896 bad links. While those claims may seem reasonable the problem is that they’ve had the same stats since the first day their website was put onto the web! I’m wondering how it’s possible to have 2,000+ clients on the first day launching but not even have a site that’s ranked by Alexa?


Unfortunately we cannot recommend disavowlinkstool.com at this time. Disavow and link analysis tools are a dime a dozen and do not help with penalty removals. Disavow and link analysis services should only be used in unison with a link removal service, and even then most link removal services already perform link analysis and removals. If you have a penalty or need to perform link cleanup I’d recommend looking elsewhere.