Disavowthis.com Review

Disavowthis.com was created on 3/13/13, making it one of the newer disavow service providers on the market when compared to the first link removal services. It seems that they first started offering their disavow services starting in April, and they seem to be a service add-on of their parent company SEOWizz.

One disturbing character trait we see with brand new service providers like this one is the immediate “testimonials” that appear on the site. From the first day of service it seems they already had positive results for clients! We always recommend avoiding sites that offer testimonials without having provided the service long enough to have real reviews and testimonials.

Disavowthis.com is primarily a disavow service, rather than a full fledged link removal service provider. As we’ve pointed out it’s important to have links removed as there’s no evidence that submitting a disavow will recover a website. Need proof? Spend some time Webmaster Tools forum by Google and you’ll see the constant complaints that disavow wasn’t effective.

Disavowthis.com’s pricing is also one of the most expensive in the industry, with packages starting at $297 for sites with less than 1,000 links. Their most expensive package is $900 for sites with 2,500-4,000 backlinks! Compared to our approved vendors their pricing for a disavow service is beyond excessive. Disavowthis does offer link removals, however it’s an additional surcharge of $3 per link! Most sites won’t even fall within their largest package offering which is 4,000 links analyzed. Imagine a site with 3,000 backlinks that need to be removed, based on disavowthis.com’s pricing the client could expect to pay $9,900 for a disavow file and one round of link removal attempts.

As with all of the services we review we like to look into the sites backlinks to get a better idea of their SEO practices. Based on further analysis it seems that there are quite a few low quality and spammy links created and pointed to Disavowthis.com. We feel that a disavow and link removal service should follow what they preach and a backlink profile like that is concerning.

We also conduct a thorough background check and analysis on service providers to help prospective clients like you to understand the service provider you are dealing with prior to signing up for services. In our research we came across the following thread on Google’s Webmaster Forums. You can see the thread here. It seems that Disavowthis.com has been spamming webmasters with the following email.

Hoping this email finds you and your team well.
My name is Josh Taylor and I’m with the Disavow services team. We’re a backlink audit and removal company located in Fort Lee, New Jersey and Montreal, Canada.
Like you, we hate being solicited via email by people who know little to nothing about our business.
Your website is facing either algorithmic or manual unnatural links penalties from Google and are becoming very high risk.
Our team of experts can guide you through the process until such time your website penalties are lifted guaranteed.
Our prices are very reasonable and our support is unmatched.
If you’d like to hear more and ask us any questions we’d be happy to set up a Skype call or a Google Hangout to go over details and address any and all concerns.
I look forward to hearing from you – thanks!
Best regards,
Josh Taylor (Link Auditor)
Disavow Services
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Disavowthis.com seems to be potentially violating CAN-SPAM laws by actively soliciting business by spamming site owners like the one above. Even more disturbing is that they claim to be with Google’s “Disavow services team”.

In conclusion we cannot recommend disavowthis.com as a service provider, from the lack of credible testimonials to the abusive spam tactics utilized.