Review is NOT a link removal service provider, regardless of it’s claims on it’s website. They are a link analysis provider and help create a disavow file for submission to Google’s Webmaster Tools. As Google’s Matt Cutt’s has discussed the disavow tool should only be used on links that a webmaster was not able to remove after several link removal attempts. Do NOT attempt to file a disavow file without the necessary documentation outlining the link removal attempts. This could jeopardize the disavow tool’s effectiveness and your websites ability to recovery from any type of penalty. seems to be a re-branded Link Detox tool from what we can tell. Much of the data presented in their reports and website seems to match that of Link Detox’s data. Unfortunately it doesn’t seem that either Linkquidator or Link Detox’s tools do a good job at analyzing and diagnosing toxic backlinks. From what we can tell they analyze only a handful of datasets to determine whether or not a website is toxic or not. Our analysis indicated that’s pagerank tool didn’t seem to be working properly or was providing incorrect data. This led to links being improperly marked as Critical in the “unnatural index”. The sad fact is that Linkquidator does a very poor job at link analysis, which is supposedly the only real offering of this service.


Linkquidator’s pricing structure is very expensive for their offering of what we believe to be reformatted Link Detox data. For the very same price that you’d pay to have your data analyzed with Linkquidator you could have a link removal campaign completed. With Google cracking down on unwarranted disavow submissions would you really want to risk the opportunity to remove a penalty? I know I wouldn’t. I’d rather have a full link removal campaign performed as Google expects for the price that Linkquidator charges to analyze a a few links.