Rankdefence.com Review

Rankdefence.com is a link removal service that’s ranking on the first page of Google for competitive link removal keywords. As far as we can tell Rankdefence is not a link removal service at all and a lead generator/landing page.

History of Rankdefence.com

The domain name Rankdefence.com was registered on August 2, 2013. Since being created there has been zero evidence that Rankdefence.com is a link removal service. As shown by the screenshot it’s evident that the website was created with the intent to rank on Google for link removal keywords. Notice the use of bolded keywords, exact match landing pages and the “thin” website.

Rankdefence.com Buys Paid Backlinks

It’s also evident based on the backlink profile that Rankdefence.com is actively engaged in buying links, which is a direct violation of Google’s T.O.S and the reason why a website would receive a manual penalty from Google in the first place. I do find it strange that this company/service would participate in the same actions in which their clients would have been penalized for.

Take a look at the following examples of paid links:
Paid link #1
Paid link #2
Paid link #3
Paid link #4

Using any major backlink checker will show hundreds of other links from what appears to be a private blog network linking to Rankdefence.com.


RankDefence - Delete BAD Backlinks | Unnatural Link Removal ServicesWhat is clear is that Rankdefence.com is not a link removal service and therefore cannot be recommended. Chances are they are selling their leads to another link removal service provider and/or harvesting the email and contact information for future use.

Based on the fact that the website is a placeholder for a potential future service and that the domain has actively engaged in paid links we cannot recommend Rankdefence.com as a link removal service provider.