Review is an all-in-one internet marketing service provider, offering clients linkbuilding services, social media packages, and everything in-between. You can consider them an all-in-one house for just about everything under the sun. In order to maximize their service offerings they’ve started a Google penalty prevention and recovery service.


Unlike most link removal services and Google penalty recovery service has focused on an interesting pricing model by offering “blocks” of various services. For example, they charge $25 for analyzing 100 domains and determine whether or not the domains are good or bad. Their definition of good or bad is spotty, attributing good or bad on attributes like:

  • Good domains/Bad domains
  • Site wide links
  • Temporary Errors/Server error
  • Anchor text
  • Unique domains
  • Link schemes

The disturbing part is that link analysis is the most important factor of any link removal or disavow campaign. You can do more harm than good if you don’t get this right. Based on how is analyzing links I’d be very careful, there are many more attributes that need to be looked and and scrutinized than those attributes mentioned above. If a link removal campaign is founded on the attributes above you can do a lot more harm than good!

Next up they charge $19 per 100 link removal requests. Obviously a very competitive price depending on the overall volume of link removals required, however be careful. Is automating the outreach? Services that automate outreach will see a reduction in link removals by as high as 50%! Cheaper link removal services may mean less of a dent on your wallet in the near term but if that same service cannot get their emails and outreach delivered what’s the point? The problem is that many services that automate their outreach have blacklisted domains. That little to no messages are actually hitting the inbox which in turn means a failed link removal campaign. Be sure that whatever link removal service provider you decide to use utilizes manual outreach and understands the importance of message delivery.


At this time we do not recommend using’s removal service. When it comes to link removals you want to find a company that’s primary service is link removals and not a subset of an SEO services or internet marketing company. The more experience a company has in link removals the better the results you’ll receive as a consumer.