Unlink.me Review

Unlink.me is another link removal service hot off the press. It seems like everyone’s trying to cash in on link removals and Unlink.me is another service trying to capitalize off of that in 2014.

History of Unlink.me
The website Unlink.me was registered on November 1, 2013 and utilizing the way back machine it appears that they started actively promoting link removal services mid December 2013.

Unlink.me’s pricing is incredibly overpriced and appears to be based off of LinkDelete.com’s pricing model. Packages on Unlink.me start at $147 a month for 1 domain and 400 URLs. Take a look at LinkDelete.com’s pricing for example and they offer the same exact package for $97.

Based on our analysis we believe that Unlink.me is repackaging LinkDelete’s service and adding a premium.

At the end of the day we cannot recommend Unlink.me. After researching on the internet and popular SEO forums and blogs we don’t find any evidence of anyone utilizing unlink.me and having any type of success. They are just another link removal service provider popping up to ride the wave and based on our analysis we believe that they are simply repackaging LinkDelete.com’s packages and arbitraging the price difference.