– Another Victim of Google

Google has been on a rampage lately taking down as many private link networks and paid link vendors as possible. If anything is clear, it’s that paid links work and the only way Google can stop them is by proactively targeting and deindexing as many of these sources as possible.

I’ll provide you some history and insight into for those of you not familiar with the service. is one of the older paid link vendors on the internet, connecting bloggers and website owners with buyers and acting as the middle man. The intention isn’t to purchase text advertising that will drive traffic to a website but rather the Pagerank and link value associated with the links purchased. was an easy source to find half-decentĀ  links to help enhance a websites search engine visibility. However, they did make some rather large mistakes which is why Google took action.’s vital mistakes:

1. Paid link sources visible to anyone that signed up…

The biggest problem that made was that anyone could sign up to buy links and see the full URLs of the domains that they wanted to buy links on. The issue with this is that there was nothing stopping Google from signing up and finding just about every site listed with them. While did attempt to circumvent this problem by instilling a credit system to view the backlink source domain a simple email to support and asking them to unlock it often granted near unlimited access. The biggest takeaway is that link networks or paid link sources that display the backlink location with full visibility like this creates an easy to find footprint that makes Google’s job even easier when targeting a network.

2. Too large to ignore biggest problem is that they were one of the largest paid link vendors on the internet. It was only a matter of time until Google targeted them just like they’ve targeted other link vendors in the past. Remember TextLinkAds takedown a few years ago? When a paid link vendor is in the spotlight and offers an easy way to buy and sell links Google will target them. If you plan on buying paid links the key is to find a low-key network that isn’t in the spotlight and doesn’t plan on being in it either. This makes it harder for link buyers to find reputable paid link sources but when you do find one you can be sure it won’t be Google’s next victim. That means higher search engine rankings without the risk of a manual penalty.

Final takeaways:

As I mentioned above Google has a problem that they cannot overcome, paid links. These paid links jeopardize the integrity of their search results and the only way of stopping paid links is to take manual actions against link brokers like It helps instill a fear into paid link buyers and accomplishes penalizing a very small subset of their biggest offenders. Google cannot find a way to algorithmically identify networks like If they could there wouldn’t be an issue with deindexing networks and paid link sources.

When buying links be smart, look for the little networks that have isolated networks and have limits on the number of customers within those networks. Look for networks that do not offer reporting of any kind. While this may be a deterrent for many buyers it’s the only way that you can be sure that the network you are apart of doesn’t get taken out.